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Matlab Projects.

IMG01Magic Glasses: From 2D to 3D
IMG02Deformable Patterned Fabric Defect Detection With Fisher Criterion-Based Deep Learning
IMG03Railway Track Circuit Fault Diagnosis Using Recurrent Neural Networks
IMG04Cross-Domain Color Facial Expression Recognition Using Transductive Transfer Subspace Learning
IMG05Fingerprint Liveness Detection using Convolutional Neural Networks
MG06Domain Specific Learning for Newborn Face Recognition
IMG07Aging Face Recognition: A Hierarchical Learning Model Based on Local Patterns Selection
IMG08Face Recognition and Spoofing Detection System Adapted To Visually-Impaired People
IMG09Classification of Phantom Finger, Hand, Wrist and Elbow Voluntary Gestures in Transhumeral Amputees with sEMG
IMG10Low-Complexity Enhancement Layer Compression for Scalable Lossless Video Coding based on HEVC
IMG11Lossless Compression of JPEG Coded Photo Collections
IMG12Efficient Method for High Quality Removal of Non-uniform Blur in Wavelet Domain
IMG13Robust Blur Kernel Estimation for License Plate Images from Fast Moving Vehicles
IMG14Weighted Joint Sparse Representation for Removing Mixed Noise in Image
IMG15Multispectral Photoacoustic Imaging Artifact Removal and Denoising Using Time Series Model-Based Spectral Noise Estimation
IMG16On the Equivalence of the LC-KSVD and the D-KSVD Algorithms
IMG17Contrast Sensitivity of the Wavelet, Dual Tree Complex Wavelet, Curvelet, and Steerable Pyramid Transforms
IMG18Contrast enhancement using stratified parametric oriented histogram equalization
IMG19Visual Quality Enhancement in Optoacoustic Tomography using Active Contour Segmentation Priors
IMG20Post processing Approaches for the Improvement of Cardiac Ultrasound B-Mode Images: A Review
IMG21FRESH – FRI-based single-image super-resolution algorithm
IMG22One-Class Writer-Independent Off-line Signature Verification Using Feature Dissimilarity Thresholding
IMG23Face Spoofing Detection Using Colour Texture Analysis
IMG24Land Classification Using Remotely Sensed Data: Going Multilabel
IMG25Dirichelet Process Based Active Learning and Discovery of Unknown Classes for Hyperspectral Image Classification
IMG26A Bayesian Network for Flood Detection Combining SAR Imagery and Ancillary Data
IMG27Robust multi-focus image fusion using multi-task sparse representation and spatial context
IMG28Multi-Viewpoint Panorama Construction with Wide-Baseline Images
IMG29Fusion of Multispectral and Panchromatic Images Based on Morphological Operators
IMG30Unsupervised Visual Hashing with Semantic Assistant for Content-based Image Retrieval
IMG31Sketch-based Image Retrieval by Salient Contour Reinforcement
IMG32A Feature Learning and object recognition framework for underwater fish images
IMG33Value-Directed Human Behavior Analysis from Video Using Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes
IMG34A Personalized Framework for Dynamic Modeling of Disease Trajectories in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia
IMG35Sparse Multi-Response Tensor Regression for Alzheimer’s Disease Study with Multivariate Clinical Assessments
IMG36Lung Pattern Classification for Interstitial Lung Diseases Using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network
IMG37A Survey of Vision-Based Traffic Monitoring of Road Intersections
IMG38Evaluation of Key point Descriptors Applied in the Pedestrian Detection in Low Quality Images
IMG39Stochastic Set-Based Particle Swarm Optimization Based on Local Exploration for Solving the Carpool Service Problem
IMG40A Novel Hybrid Method of Parameters Tuning in Support Vector Regression for Reliability Prediction: Particle Swarm Optimization Combined With Analytical Selection
IMG41Compressive Sensing Image Restoration using Adaptive Curvelet Thresholding and Nonlocal Sparse Regularization
IMG42Higher-Order Image Co-segmentation
IMG43An Accurate ECG Based Transportation Safety Drowsiness Detection Scheme
IMG44Real Time QRS Detection Based on Redundant Discrete Wavelet Transform
IMG45A Reversible Data Hiding Scheme Based on Code Division Multiplexing
IMG46PiCode: a New Picture-Embedding 2D Barcode
IMG47Real-time Traffic Light Recognition Based on Smart Phone Platforms
IMG48Sparse Coding for Alpha Matting
IMG49A Novel Lip Descriptor for Audio-Visual Keyword Spotting Based on Adaptive Decision Fusion
IMG50Power-Normalized Cepstral Coefficients (PNCC) for Robust Speech Recognition
IMG51Adaptive Pairing Reversible Watermarking
IMG52Watermarking-based Color Image Authentication With Detection And Recovery Capability
IMGCOM01PAPR and PICR Reduction of OFDM Signals with Clipping Noise-based Tone Injection Scheme
IMGCOM02Blind Parameter Estimation of GFDM Signals over Frequency- Selective Fading Channels
IMGCOM03Bit and Power Loading for Narrowband Indoor Power line Communications
IMGCOM04LU based Beam forming schemes for MIMO systems
IMGCOM05Trellis-Assisted Constellation Subset Selection for PAPR Reduction of OFDM Signals
IMGCOM06Low-Complexity Recursive Convolutional Precoding for OFDM-based Large-Scale Antenna Systems
IMGCOM07Modulation Classification for MIMO-OFDM Signals via Approximate Bayesian Inference
IMGCOM08Non-Contiguous Channel Allocation for Multimedia Communication in Cognitive Radio Networks
IMGCOM09An Equivalence Principle for OFDM-Based Combined Bulk/Per- Subcarrier Relay Selection over Equally Spatially Correlated Channels
IMGCOM10On the Identification of SM and Alamouti Coded SC-FDMA Signals: A Statistical-Based Approach
IMGCOM11Quantized Massive MU-MIMO-OFDM Uplink
IMGCOM12Adaptive Pilot Clustering in Heterogeneous Massive MIMO Networks
IMGCOM13MSSTC-based MIMO-ARQ System with Two Transmit Antennas
IMGCOM14Optimality of Local Maximum-Likelihood Detectors in Large- Scale MIMO Channels
IMGCOM15Exploiting the Increasing Correlation of Space Constrained Massive MIMO for CSI Relaxation
IMGDM01Identification of Boolean Networks Using Premined Network Topology Information
IMGDM02Computer-Aided Endoscopic Diagnosis Without Human Specific Labeling
IMGDM03Personalized Travel Sequence Recommendation on Multi-Source Big Social Media
IMGDM04K Nearest Neighbour Joins for Big Data on Map Reduce: a Theoretical and Experimental Analysis
IMGDM06Learning Bayesian Network Structures to Augment Aircraft Diagnostic Reference Models
IMGDM07FiDoop-DP: Data Partitioning in Frequent Item set Mining on Hadoop Clusters
IMGDM08Sliced Inverse Regression With Adaptive Spectral Sparsity for Dimension Reduction
IMGDM09Comparison of Standard Discretization with a New Method for Quantitative Association Rules
IMGDM10Mining Suspicious Tax Evasion Groups in Big Data
IMGDM11A Hierarchical Fused Fuzzy Deep Neural Network for Data Classification
IMGDM12Feature Selection with Annealing for Computer Vision and Big Data Learning
IMGDM13Kvasir: Scalable Provision of Semantically Relevant Web Content on Big Data Framework
IMGDM14A Dynamical and Load-Balanced Flow Scheduling Approach for Big Data Centers in Clouds
IMGDM15Universal Nonlinear Regression on High Dimensional Data Using Adaptive Hierarchical Trees
IMGN01On the Feedback Reduction of Multiuser Relay Networks Using Compressive Sensing
IMGN02Perfect Secrecy in Physical-Layer Network Coding Systems From Structured Interference
IMGN03Modeling Stock Price Dynamics with Fuzzy Opinion Networks
IMGN04A Batch-Based MAC Design With Simultaneous Assignment Decisions for Improved Throughput in Guard-Band-Constrained Cognitive Networks
IMGN05Sensor Density for Confident Information Coverage in Randomly Deployed Sensor Networks
IMGN06Next to You: Monitoring Quality of Experience in Cellular Networks From the End-Devices
IMGN07Optimal Energy-Efficient Downlink Transmission Scheduling for Real-Time Wireless Networks
IMGPS01A Novel Direct AC/DC Converter for Efficient Low Voltage Energy Harvesting
IMGPS02An Integrated Multi period OPF Model With Demand Response and Renewable Generation Uncertainty
IMGPS03A laboratory study on the ION flow field model of the DC wires in stable wind
IMGPS04A Wide-area Backup Protection Algorithm Based on Distance Protection Fitting Factor
IMGPS05Dynamic Energy Management of Renewable Grid Integrated Hybrid Energy Storage System
IMG53A Method for Automatic Segmentation of Nuclei in Phase- Contrast Images Based on Intensity, Convexity and Texture
IMG54Mining Multiple Queries for Image Retrieval: On-the-fly learning of an Object-specific Mid-level Representation
IMG55Automatic Indian Currency Denomination Recognition System based on Artificial Neural Network
IMG56Four-Class Classification of Skin Lesions With Task Decomposition Strategy
IMG57A Fast Single Image Haze Removal Algorithm Using Color Attenuation Prior
IMG58Arbitrary Category Classification of Websites Based on Image Content
IMG59Combining Left and Right Palm print Images for More Accurate Personal Identification
IMG60Automatic content based image retrieval using semantic analysis
IMG61Portable Camera-Based Assistive Text and Product Label Reading From Hand-Held Objects for Blind Persons
IMG62A Hybrid Neuro-Fuzzy Approach for Brain Abnormality Detection Using GLCM based Feature Extraction
IMG63Cluster-Based Epidemic Control through Smartphone-Based Body Area Networks
IMG64A Compact Representation for Compressing Converted Stereo Videos
IMG65Fractal Image compression for HD images with Noise using Wavelet Transforms
IMG66An Innovative Lossless Compression Method for Discrete-Color Images
IMG67Automatic Tuberculosis Screening Using Chest Radiographs
IMG68Employing a novel cross-diamond search in a modified hierarchical search motion estimation algorithm for video compression
IMG69Spatio-Temporal Flame Modeling and Dynamic Texture Analysis for Automatic Video-Based Fire Detection
IMG70An Alternative Node Deployment Scheme for WSNs
IMG71Multiple Feature Learning for Hyper spectral Image Classification
IMG72Image Processing for Identification of Sea-Ice Floes and the Floe Size Distributions
IMG73Objective Quality Assessment for Multi-exposure Multi-focus Image Fusion
IMG74Perceptual Quality Assessment for Multi-Exposure Image Fusion
IMG75Image Quality Assessment for Fake Biometric Detection Application to Iris, Fingerprint, and Face Recognitionv
IMG76Edge Index for Large-Scale Sketch-based Image Search
IMG77Unraveling the Effect of Textured Contact Lenses on Iris Recognition
IMG78Attributed Relational Graphs for Cell Nucleus Segmentation in Fluorescence Microscopy Images
IMG79Face Liveness Detection From a Single Image via Diffusion Speed Model
IMG80A Low-Cost Hardware Architecture for Illumination Adjustment in Real-Time Applications
IMG81Joint Feature Learning for Face Recognition
IMG82Combining Facial Dynamics With Appearance for Age Estimation
IMG83Learning Compact Feature Descriptor and Adaptive Matching Framework for Face Recognition
IMG84Neutral face classification using personalized appearance models for fast and robust emotion detection
IMG85A New Data Transfer Method via Signal-rich-art Code Images Captured by Mobile Devices
IMG86Binary Descriptor based Nonparametric Background Modeling for Foreground Extraction Using Detection Theory
IMG87Swarm Intelligence for Detecting Interesting Events in Crowded Environments
IMG88Moving Object Detection Revisited: Speed and Robustness
IMG89Video De raining and De snowing Using Temporal Correlation and Low-Rank Matrix Completion
IMG90A Source-Channel Coding Approach to Digital Image Protection and Self-Recovery
IMG91Removing Camera Shake via Weighted Fourier Burst Accumulation
IMG92Two Stage Data Mining Technique for Fast Monsoon Onset Prediction
IMG93Particle Swarm Optimization based dictionary learning for remote sensing big data
IMG94Retinal Area Detector From Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope (SLO) Images for Diagnosing Retinal Diseases
IMG95Diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy by employing image processing technique to detect exudates in retinal images
IMG96RRW—A Robust and Reversible Watermarking Technique for Relational Data
IMG97SAR Ship Detection and Self-Reporting Data Fusion Based on Traffic Knowledge
IMG98Score-Level Fusion of Face and Voice Using Particle Swarm Optimization and Belief Functions
IMG99Pectoral muscle segmentation in mammograms based on homogenous texture and intensity deviation
IMG100Face Spoof Detection With Image Distortion Analysis
IMG101Steganography Using Reversible Texture Synthesis
IMG102Reversible Image Data Hiding with Contrast Enhancement
IMG103Effective reversible data hiding in encrypted image with privacy protection for image content
IMG104Multi-Dimensional Tumor Detection in Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound Using Topographic Watershed
IMG105Segmentation of Tumor and Edema Along With Healthy Tissues of Brain Using Wavelets and Neural Networks
IMG106Robust Histogram Shape-Based Method for Image Watermarking
IMG107Color Local Texture Features for Color Face Recognition
IMGCOM16PAPR Reduction Using Precoding and Companding Techniques for OFDM Systems
IMGCOM17Barcode Modulation Method for Data Transmission in Mobile Devices
IMGCOM18Enhancing the Performance of the Quasi-ML Receiver (Detector plus Decoder) for Coded MIMO Systems Via Statistical Information
IMGCOM19A metaheuristic approach for optical network optimization problems
IMGDM16An Innovative Spam Filtering Model Based on Support Vector Machine
IMGDM17Outlier detection over dataset using cluster based and distance based approach
IMGDM18k-Nearest Neighbor Classification over Semantically Secure Encrypted Relational Data
IMGDM19Multitask Spectral Clustering by Exploring Intertask Correlation
IMGDM20Graph-Based Approaches for Over-Sampling in the Context of Ordinal Regression
IMGDM21Sentiment analysis: Measuring opinions
IMGDM22Co-Extracting Opinion Targets and Opinion Words from Online Reviews Based on the Word Alignment Model
IMGN06A Computer-assisted Crack Predicting System for Oil and Gas Pipelines Using Fuzzy Cognitive Map
IMGN07An Alternative Node Deployment Scheme for WSNs
IMGN08A Secure Scheme Against Power Exhausting Attacks in Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks
IMGN09Energy efficient fault tolerant clustering and routing algorithms for wireless sensor networks
IMGPS01A Novel Direct AC/DC Converter for Efficient Low Voltage Energy Harvesting
IMGPS02An Integrated Multi period OPF Model With Demand Response and Renewable Generation Uncertainty
IMGPS03A laboratory study on the ION flow field model of the DC wires in stable wind
IMGPS04A Wide-area Backup Protection Algorithm Based on Distance Protection Fitting Factor
IMGPS05Dynamic Energy Management of Renewable Grid Integrated Hybrid Energy Storage System